“Hi Pedini” enables a fast and intelligent interaction and is able to understand people’s
speech inputs and react in a pertinent way: this is the 4.0 scope of the Pedini design project.



Hi Pedini stands for the most advanced endeavours in terms of hi-tech and design: it is the first and only system in the world to bring together artificial intelligence and domotics, making it possible for the user to interact and talk to the kitchen’s furnishings. A future that is possible now thanks to a collaboration between Pedini, Microsoft and Iomote. The most evolved marriage of Artificial intelligence is the keystone. Hi Pedini is, in fact, capable of learning and interacting with voices thanks to Microsoft’s cognitive system (especially LUIS – Language-Understanding Intelligent Service), which is capable of communicating with the user, recognize images, write and speak.

These actions, apparently natural, are the result of the most advanced 4.0 technology where it comes to getting persons involved with objects, in this case complex ones (i.e. an entire system of furnishings).

Cloud Computing, an advanced voice-recognition app based on Microsoft artificial intelligence, plus sensors applied inside cabinet doors/drawers and voice assistants: these are a few of the salient elements that enable users to monitor consumption from a smartphone, monitor the air quality, receive alerts in case of gas and water leaks, as well as take care of the grocery list, find inspiration in new recipes, open and close cabinets and drawers by voice, wake up to fresh-brewed coffee – all things that can be accomplished by programming appliances.

All this and more: Hi Pedini is also capable of modifying the environment to suit family moods and needs: with a simple voice command, for example, it can change the kitchen’s colours and shades to harmonize with the evening preparation of the baby’s food (soft lighting), or it can activate movement sensors applied to “critical doors” to alert mom and dad when containers with detergents and cutting objects are being opened.